Rules for the Fisherman's Union

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Rules for the Fisherman's Union

Post by Russle Yanko on Tue Dec 13, 2016 12:46 pm

1.Treat every one with respect no randomly Punching, Kicking, choking and or baseball bating if both party's agree on a fight horse play is acceptable then, we are not anti fun.
2. If you have an issue or grudge leave it at the door when you go to work no drama is tolerated in the union we are a professional organization, If you do have issue's talk to me Russle Yanko we will have a sit down and try to resolve things peacefully as possible I am here to help.
3. No malicious or criminal activity's it will not be tolerated within the Fisherman's Union failure to comply will result in temporary suspension and or termination of contract with the Fisherman's Union depending on how serious the nature of the crime is, we do not harbor criminals.
4. No illegal firearms on fisherman's Union's Territory, no ak's no machine guns leave them home, you can have a illegal fire arm with you that can be purchased at any Code red surplus store with in the county of silver lake Failure to comply will result in temporary suppression additional failure to comply will result in permanent job suspension.
5. work uniforms will be worn when on the job we are a professional organization after all, when not on the job you can where whatever obviously.
6. If you get in trouble with the law and get locked up its on you we can provide bale but it will be paid back, depending on how serious the charges are will result in temporary or permanent suspension.
7. Racism and presidium is not tolerated within the union it will result in permanent termination of your position in the Fisherman's Union We are an equal opportunity organization.
8. If you get caught stealing from the Fisherman's Union it will result in permanent suspension.
9. When meeting are called for the fisherman's Union you will attend or let on of the founding fathers Know if you cant attend.
10. When a founding father is calling for attention you will be quite and give him your ear its probably important.
11. Small fish from 10 cm to 30 cm will be turned over to Russle yanko for release back in the sea we enforce a strict catch and release policy it is illegal to posses these fish in the county of silver-lake under the department of wild life and game and the protection bill on adolescent fish, failure to comply will result in temporary suspension and if repeat offense permant suspension.
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